Leave the Warehousing & Distribution to Us

Running warehouses and distributing goods takes a mighty toll. Redwood welcomes the burden. Give us your most complex distribution predicaments, and we’ll find a flexible solution. Whether you need to store, pack, or ship; we handle it all and everything in between. Manage With Us

Avoid the Risks of Running a Warehouse

Warehousing and distribution can create complications in running a business. Redwood solves the challenges of W&D and helps clients avoid building facilities, maintaining staff, creating tech solutions, and incurring overhead.

Customize Your Warehousing & Distribution Needs

Our W&D services work hand-in-hand for precise solutions. Only need storage options? Handling or labeling? Pick/pack or order fulfillment? Just transport? Whatever your needs, we can customize a solution.

Our Warehousing & Distribution Services

Store, pack, and ship like a 30-year logistics veteran. By working with Redwood, that’s what you’ll be.


Facility-Based Services

Lower your rates, shorten transit times, and better handle your freight. Optimize your resources with our state-of-the-art warehousing solutions:

Shared Contract Warehousing

Sharing is caring (about your resources). Using shared warehousing with multiple Redwood clients makes your logistics strategy flexible, integrated, and cost-competitive.

Cross-Dock Service

Eliminate storage and labor costs and route inventory where it’s needed (even when shipments are already in transit). Shorten delivery lead times and keep inventory moving.

Extra Warehousing Services

  • Reverse Logistics
  • Pick & Pack
  • Kitting
  • Decontainerization
  • Project Logistics


LTL Consolidation

Does your shipping volume need less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments? Redwood produces:


  • Lowered costs and increased efficiency by consolidating LTL shipments
  • Aggregate shipments and contract carrier equipment
  • Unlimited consolidation options


We anchor our consolidation services in Chicago, one of the highest velocity markets in the US. Interested in more LTL services?

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Keep ahead of the competition and customer demand with our cost-effective distribution services and last-mile white glove delivery.

Pooled Distribution

Pooled distribution may be great for you if you’re distributing or delivering to numerous destination points within a specific area, all originating from the same place. Redwood helps clients:

  • Reduce transit times
  • Maintain shipment integrity
  • Reduce claim potential due to less handling
  • Pull orders by ship date versus order date
  • Create significant discounts over LTL rates
  • We specialize in pooled distribution in the SoCal and Midwest markets.

Last Mile Delivery

Our final-mile services range from drop-off to appointment generated white-glove deliveries. No requirements are too great. We can meet whatever special needs you have.

The Redwood Difference

Flexible Operations

We help our clients free up precious facility space and support unique situations: promotional events, temporary overflow, and seasonal distribution needs.

Communication & Visibility

View real-time inventory and order status with our warehouse management system (WMS). Access your data online and get notifications of shipment status, stock status, what’s allocated, on-hand, etc.

High-Quality Facilities

Our facilities are TSA & FDA approved. They’re clean, modern, loading dock equipped, and meet the most demanding requirements. Primary facilities are in Carol Stream, IL and El Paso, TX (but we can help you anywhere through partner providers).


24-Hour Customer Support


Cross-Dock Services


Specialized Equipment


Consolidated Freight Solutions


Pooled Distribution


Last Mile Delivery


Expedited, Team-Based Service


Local Pop-Up Fleets

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