Put the Power of Data in the Passenger Seat

Data, intelligence, insight: these are the silent heroes that define modern supply-chain success. RedwoodInsight helps you harness each with power and speed. Turning raw data into useful information is now only limited by your imagination.

Superior Business Intelligence the Simple Way

The days of coordinating service endpoints, ETL processes, large scale storage and database administration are behind us. RedwoodInsight helps your business easily process massive amounts of raw data to reveal smarter moves and tactics.

Under the Hood


Endless processing power

Query massive amounts of data immediately after it’s uploaded. Even if you need to mine 5 years of transactional history, you can transform, load, and query gigs of data in minutes.


Lighting fast intelligence

Transform large documents in parallel, store in a data lake, and leverage BI consumption at lightning speeds. And your data feeds into the cloud where power and scale are endless.


Real-time data, actionable intelligence

Make informed business decisions far quicker. Generate dashboard views to interact with data and discover details previously unseen.


Optimal data safety

RedwoodConnectâ„  maintains data integrity, ensuring that all source data stays immutable. Clone production, generate subsets, and mash up different data lakes with no threat of loss or data corruption.

Immediate Cost Savings

Our platform comes with a suite of value-added services that impact your savings:

  • Automated management and administration eliminates DBA management and admin
  • Development, QA, and production environments included at no additional cost
  • Data archiving and redundancy included at no additional cost

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