Driving Logistics Forward With Data

Surface level reporting falls short in a digitally enabled logistics world. With Redwood’s reporting and analysis tools, you’ll transform data into insights and action. Know why it happened, instead of wondering what happened. Innovate With Us

Our Reporting & Analytics Solutions


RedwoodInsight data warehouse platform


Analytics discovery


Report development

Designed to Give You Vision

The best way to fix a problem is to know the reason for it. With our deep supply-chain expertise, we shine light on murky data and give you the insight to create efficiencies and savings.

  • Query in-flight data, past transactions, and payload metadata
  • Monitor processes in real-time across your entire supply chain
  • Manage step execution (or our support team can do it for you)
  • Dig into detailed log visibility: inspect transactions, make corrections, and replay messages

Putting Reports to Work

Uncover buried business data and present it using reports that makes sense for your business. Our platforms are fully integrated, meaning minimal errors and accurate reporting. Gain access to:

  • Unlimited amounts of accessible, interpretable, and actionable data
  • Custom reports for departments and business units
  • Internet-based platforms for easy access

Our Featured Technology: RedwoodInsight Data Warehouse

Upgrade the role of data in your supply chain with RedwoodInsight’s modern data exploration and meaningful analytics.