What is an eDVIR?


Following all shifts, drivers are required by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) to inspect their commercial vehicles according to a defined checklist. Based on the results of this inspection, the driver must complete the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR). This report is a sort of safety measure to ensure that all commercial vehicles are being maintained to the highest standards and to determine if there are any issues that could affect the vehicle’s performance or safe operation during the next trip.

DVIRs are considered necessary routine check-ups for the following reasons:

  • Safety - First and foremost, drivers on the road should not have to be worried about a large commercial vehicle causing an accident due to a lack of attention to detail in the inspection and reporting processes. These DVIR’s maintain the safety of everyone on the road.
  • Avoiding Fines - An inaccurate or misleading DVIR could result in heavy fines if discovered by the DOT. In fact, an individual may be fined over $1,200 dollars a day for not completing a required DVIR. For filling in false information on a DVIR in an attempt to cover up a defect, fines can be as much as $12,700. Finally, for safety issues that were identified but not corrected, fines may be as much as $15,420. Therefore, it’s obviously best to follow the rules by filling out the forms, identifying any issues, and quickly correcting those issues in order to remain in the good graces of the DOT.
  • Maintaining a Good Reputation in the Field - Even if you aren’t caught by the regulating agencies, if your company develops a reputation for not following proper safety protocols, you may lose business and be seen as a liability in the industry.

Luckily, an easy solution exists for companies looking for a way to improve their DVIR process: an electronic DVIR (eDVIR). An eDVIR enables drivers to fill out this information through digital means which saves time and energy, leading to improved efficiency in all portions of the process.

In this article, we will outline 5 reasons why all shipping companies should consider adopting an eDVIR for their drivers.

Companies Save Time with the Use of an eDVIR

You may feel that you have a very efficient system in place to track your various drivers’ DVIRs using paper. However, navigating a simple checklist on a mobile device takes infinitely less time than does filling out a report on paper. Technology makes this process much simpler, as everything is consolidated in the form of electronic data instead of mountains of paper, which makes filling out and reviewing the forms a much quicker process.

eDVIRs Improve Accuracy in Reporting

The information is much more clear when it is in electronic format as there is no issue of messy handwriting or confusing symbols that come with handwritten forms. Because of this, it is easier to more accurately record the reports, compare current and past reports, and ensure that all of the information is correct.

Storing Information is Easier with eDVIRs

DVIR-based paperwork tends to add up quickly due to the following reasons:

  • a report has to be filed after every single trip that is made by a driver
  • companies tend to have many drivers all completing multiple trips throughout the weeks and months
  • DVIR forms need to be stored for at least three months to maintain compliance with the DOT. Therefore, electronic storage of this information makes it incredibly easy to save and access the reports whenever you need to, without having to devote entire rooms to storing thousands of sheets of paper.

The Vehicle Repair Process is Streamlined with the Use of an eDVIR

Within your integrated software system, drivers can immediately notify maintenance of any defects that are in need of repair.

Additionally, drivers can use the software to send pictures to the mechanics of exactly where the repairs are needed. This speeds up communication between the necessary parties and allows for more efficient planning of repairs, leading to a smoother process overall.

eDVIR Systems are More Environmentally Friendly than Handwritten Reports

The world is moving toward a more environmentally sustainable model in all ways. The shipping industry is no exception. The use of an eDVIR to store your information can significantly cut down on the amount of paper that is needed for a pen and paper DVIR system.