Why Are There So Few Veterans In Logistics?

veterans in logistics

Did you know on average, 200,000 service members transition out of the military each year?

Reintegrating military personnel back into the civilian workforce can be a challenging task. And with many skill sets aligning to logistics careers, you wonder, why aren’t there more veterans in our industry?

As part of Redwood’s Veterans in Logistics month, we are hosting a virtual event, unpacking the why behind low military members in logistics, and the steps organizations can take to attract and hire more veterans.

Topics will include:
• The challenges of military veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce
• Factors behind low numbers of service members in logistics
• Steps organizations can take to attract, hire, & support more veterans

Join us on June 10, 2021 at 11:30 AM CST, for an informative discussion on a topic that needs to be at the forefront in our industry.

As part of this webinar, Redwood is sponsoring Shelter to Soldier, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that adopts dogs from local shelters and trains them to become psychiatric service dogs for post-9/11 combat veterans.

Visit the donation page to make a contribution for this great cause.