The Other Side of Disruption: Supply Chain Strategies to Employ During a Recession

Supply Chain Disruption

The early part of 2020 witnessed a massive disruption in global supply chains. This was in no small part due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This event has forced many companies to endure layoffs, rethink the way their supply chains operate and create new strategies to counter a recession or other supply chain disruption.

Despite the level of unpredictability, one thing is certain; supply chains that can adapt to both positive and negative market conditions will be the ones best poised for success.


Helping You Navigate a Supply Chain Disruption

To highlight some of the ways that companies can best respond to economic volatility and minimize supply chain disruption during times of uncertainty, FreightWaves and Redwood Logistics partnered up to present an hour-long webinar.

During this webinar, key areas of discussion included:

  • Doing more with less: Strategies to automate and streamline supply chain processes during a recession
  • Historical trends: A look back on how supply chains reacted and adapted during previous global recessions and lessons learned
  • Coming out on top: Industries that may thrive when people are staying home
  • How technology can help: Recommendations for how data and technology can help companies better prepare and adapt to changing market conditions

While this webinar was held on Thursday, April 23, you can still watch it, below.