The Gap Between Logistics and Technology: How To Bridge It and Stay Connected

logistics technology

The logistics world moves fast.

And shippers are under immense pressure to remain efficient at scale while dealing with a fragmented multimodal market, sub-optimized software systems, poor carrier selection, and limited visibility.

Cloud technology was supposed to deliver the easy button the industry needed but instead has created an equally complex and disconnected approach that requires costly manual support.

So, what can be done?

How can shippers begin to reduce their costs to serve, improve efficiency, and realize more ROI from their invested technology?

Join us on Wednesday, April 28, at 1 PM CST as Michael Johnson, Executive Vice President of Strategy at Redwood, shares how unifying your logistics and digital strategies can turn your shipping operations into a competitive advantage.

Here’s what he will cover:

●     The sluggish historical adoption of technology and digitalization in logistics

●     Lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic

●     Outlook on transportation planning & execution in 2021

●     How a lack of connectivity costs businesses more than they realize

●     Redwood’s LPaaS approach to unifying your logistics and technology investments

Reserve your spot for what will be an informative session on how to bring optionality, profitability, and control into your operations.