Shippers Can Improve Efficiency as Much as 100%

The logistics industry has undergone a veritable technological revolution over the past several years. When the ELD mandate took effect in late 2017, companies across the industry — shippers, carriers and technology partners — saw an opportunity to continue innovating and improve efficiency in a newly connected space. In just five years, the industry has largely gone from old school to next gen.
New solutions — all promising to solve various industry ills — hit the market daily. While a lot of these products do solve tedious issues, many of them also exist in a vacuum. When companies attempt to cobble these types of solutions together without clear integration pathways, they can actually cause more problems than they solve.
FreightWaves teamed up with Redwood Logistics to survey shippers on how streamlined their logistics systems are (or aren’t) and identify common opportunities for greater integration. 
Download the white paper to explore the findings regarding how shippers improve efficiency, and watch the webinar walking through the results.