Sfoglini Pasta and Redwood Team up to Deliver Donations

Sfoglini Pasta

Recently, the team here at Redwood Logistics had the pleasure of partnering up with New York-based Sfoglini Pasta

Their mission was simple; donate quite a lot of pasta to charitable organizations that could use it the most at this time.

Since 2012, Sfoglini Pasta has been working with local chefs and forging partnerships with restaurateurs. So, when the recent crisis emerged and the company saw how severely many of their chef friends were being impacted, they used this as inspiration to make some sizable food donations to 4 organizations who could use a little extra help...

However, the amount of pasta was in the range of 4,000 pounds. Furthermore, one load was to be shipped to Long Island, two loads were headed for Los Angeles, and the final load was to be sent to Philadelphia. 

Sfoglini Pasta was finding it to be difficult to ship their donations to all these locations while keeping freight costs low. This is where Redwood came in to help and make sure that these loads were matched with affordable rates and quick turnaround time.

Through this teamwork, Sfoglini Pasta is happy to announce that they were able to get these donations out the door and onto trucks on May 12th.

Here’s a list of all the organizations that Sfoglini donated all of that pasta to...


St Joseph Center

1,000 pounds of Sfoglini pasta was donated to St Joseph Center in Los Angeles. This donation was made on behalf of chef Adam Perry Lang who is currently working with them (he owns APL restaurant). 

St Joseph Center is an LA-based organization that provides services that empower and promote self-sufficiency for their neighbors who need it the most.  


The Midnight Mission

The Midnight Mission has been helping homeless families in southern California for more than 100 years. That is a lot of mouths to feed and Sfoglini sent them 1,000 pounds of organic pasta to help meet the growing need.


Broad Street Ministry

Another fellow chef, Mike Solomonov, is working with the Broad Street Ministry

The Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded community that cherishes creativity, nurtures artistic expression, extends inclusive hospitality and works for a more just and fair world in Philadelphia and beyond. 

Sfoglini has donated 1,000 pounds of pasta to help them feed their community.


City Harvest

The final 1,000-pound pasta donation went to City Harvest, a food rescue organization in NYC.


Be a Hero

Sfoglini Pasta and Redwood Logistics thought this was a great way to partner with a few chefs and charities to help them with the food relief efforts they have been working hard on consistently during this crisis. 

And since the Redwood team has been running the #HeroChallenge to raise funds for frontline workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company was already geared up for running relief efforts and the timing could not have been better!