RedwoodConnect is The Tool Every SCM Needs

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Are you looking to integrate your logistics technologies seamlessly throughout your organization and supply chain? Do you want streamlined, efficient workflows that effortlessly share data and promote your unique business goals? RedwoodConnect is the first and only program of its kind that offers a drag-and-drop interface to build connections between any and all platforms your supply chain uses.

Recognized as “Best in Show” at the FreightWaves LIVE Conference, industry experts and logistics clients across the country are scrambling to get their hands on this essential SCM tool.


What is RedwoodConnect?

RedwoodConnect is a revolutionary SaaS, emphasizing convenience and ease of use, that no one else in the industry has brought to market. As the name suggests, RedwoodConnect is the enhanced version of the RedwoodConnect model. What started simply as a need to have faster integration technologies has exploded into one of the most connected and connectible systems on the market.

The goal of RedwoodConnect is to integrate different supply chain technologies through a single platform. This lets businesses streamline operations and optimize workflows between departments and partners while making data more approachable and usable on a consistent basis.


The launch of RedwoodConnect

RedwoodConnect was originally invented as a means to solve a pain point Redwood Logistics kept running into. There was suddenly massive growth in the Redwood transport management services division. With more clients constantly adding data to their TMS systems, Redwood needed to figure out how to expand their server space, service capabilities, and overall efficiency. We tried different integration software, but we constantly had to go through the IT department for implementation and updates.

Redwood’s team was looking for something that would be able to scale and adapt faster than the IT team could even respond to inquiries. Moreover, the IT team was too far removed from logistics processes to know what the TMS integrations should look and feel like. That’s when our Redwood team realized we needed to create a self-sufficient platform that could run independently of IT or other departments.

In 2015, the first version of RedwoodConnect was born as an integration platform without the need for transitional coding.

This first version didn’t yet have a strong user interface. The focus was on the ability to scale the backend to meet the immense amount of data points flowing through the system. With RedwoodConnect, the front end has become a user-friendly and approachable system for third party clients as well.

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Benefits of RedwoodConnect

No-code integration interface

This is the biggest draw of RedwoodConnect for supply chain managers. There’s no coding needed to integrate different technologies. Before RedwoodConnect, the system sent instructions to APIs and tables to be programmed.

Now, though, you just have to drag and drop different integration icons, and the technology systems are automatically connected. You can even “drag and drop” where your data flows will move, so all the necessary parties (including artificial intelligence systems) have access to the same data points.

This means that no matter how big or fast you scale up, the RedwoodConnect system can keep up with just a few clicks. Infrastructure and security are automatic within the program, so you know your data is always protected as you continue to grow.

RedwoodConnect simplifies even the most complex integration cases with advanced TMS connectivity and a superior user interface. Learn more about supply chain system integrations here.

Seamless integration

RedwoodConnect offers integration icons for the most popular—and sometimes even the most complicated—supply chain and logistics applications, including:

Data in file formats

Clients no longer have to go to their IT department to pull data or reports from their systems. RedwoodConnect allows customers to send and receive data in simple, readable file formats. The system configures data so managers can just log-in, export the information, and start leveraging the data to make decisions in real-time.


The user interface is designed to be simple enough that it can run without a tech wizard. Logistics teams love the freedom to control their integrations and data, and IT departments love that RedwoodConnect frees up their time to focus on other priorities. It’s a self-sufficient system that is easy to learn and even easier to use.

Platform services

RedwoodConnect isn’t just a static interface. It’s offered to clients in tandem with the App and Data Marketplace and the Redwood Platform Services, which is a team of professional supply chain consultants. Redwood consultants analyze the supply chain to create customized solutions for TMS implementations, partner integrations, and data visibility/reporting. These consultants design operational programs that are specific to your needs.

You shouldn’t have to fit into a tool. The tool should work for you. That’s the objective of RedwoodConnect. Schedule a consultation to chat with our supply chain consultants directly.

We’re not looking to crank out the same result each time. RedwoodConnect focuses on connectivity, scalability, transparency, and optimization for each supply chain’s unique objectives. Whether your business is in manufacturing, food services, healthcare, or another industry, RedwoodConnect offers a tailored solution to find the high level of efficiency and service your supply chain requires.


We’re finding a “yes” to your solutions

Redwood Logistics focuses on understanding our clients’ pain points, so we can build services that offer real value. We find what you need, and we make sure we are the best at delivering your solution. Whether that means offering consulting services or updating our RedwoodConnect to fit your integration needs, we are always up for a new challenge to better deliver to our partners.

That’s why we’re so proud of the success of RedwoodConnect. With its simple design and effective software connections, it has become the most optimized and scalable integration software in the industry. While other systems are draining resources and weeks behind schedule, our clients can leverage data to make real-time decisions, using a platform designed to fit their needs.

See for yourself why RedwoodConnect is the tool every supply chain manager needs. Schedule a free, no-risk consultation to learn more. RedwoodConnect representatives are standing by to chat with you and begin your supply chain analysis.