Redwood Logistics Partners with Cloverly to Enhance Carbon Emissions Management for Customers

-- Cloverly partnership strengthens Redwood Hyperion sustainability solution —


CHICAGO, July 7, 2022 -- Redwood Logistics (Redwood), one of the fastest-growing supply chain and logistics companies in North America and innovators of the LPaaS, Logistics Platform as a Service model, today announced a partnership with Cloverly, an API-first Sustainability-as-a-Service solution that provides access to high-quality carbon credits to offset the impact of emissions from the transportation and logistics industry.

     The partnership with Cloverly supports the Redwood Hyperion sustainability solution, announced in June to help customers gain load-by-load visibility into their freight emissions. It enables carbon-neutral shipping initiatives by bringing together flexible access to data powered by the logistics integration platform RedwoodConnect™ and instant access to action through verified carbon credits via Cloverly.

“The confluence between Redwood’s supply chain and Cloverly’s sustainability expertise was invaluable to us as we developed Redwood Hyperion as a high-quality carbon visibility and offset program,” said Michael Reed, Chief Product Officer at Redwood. “Shippers can’t act on what they can’t measure, and the Redwood Hyperion solution powered by Cloverly’s Sustainability-as-a-Service model allows our customers to reliably measure their freight emissions and offset them with carbon credits all in a single platform.”

A carbon credit is a transferable instrument certified by governments and independent certification bodies that represents an emission reduction of one metric ton of CO2 or an equivalent amount of other Greenhouse Gases (GHGs). Through Redwood Hyperion, powered by Cloverly’s marketplace, carbon emissions can be matched with a wide range of carbon credits, including blue carbon, forestry, biochar or, as close as possible, to the initial carbon-producing activity – whatever the main sustainability objective is for the shipper.

“Climate action matters to customers, businesses and the planet we share, and we’re thrilled to partner with Redwood to pair emission visibility and reduction – reliably and programmatically,” said Jason Rubottom, Chief Executive Officer of Cloverly. “Cloverly supports every carbon-related goal with carbon credits that have co-benefits ranging from protecting biodiversity to improving education and health. Each credit is independently verified and vetted for maximum confidence in its impact.”

Redwood Hyperion is the leading product of Redwood’s sustainability suite, Redwood’s initiative to support customers in minimizing their carbon footprint to create a greener and more resilient supply chain. “Redwood is focused on taking steps to achieve customers’ sustainability goals; all while improving efficiency and minimizing costs,“ added Reed. “The full suite of services is designed to help customers implement green initiatives by providing visibility first, followed by a balanced approach of reduction techniques and strategies with a combination of carbon offsets.”


About Redwood Logistics

Redwood Logistics, a leading logistics platform company, headquartered in Chicago, has provided solutions for moving and managing freight for more than 20 years. The company’s diverse portfolio includes digital freight brokerage, flexible freight management and logistics consulting, all wrapped into a revolutionary logistics and technology delivery model—Logistics Platform as a Service (LPaaS). LPaaS utilizes an open platform for digital logistics that empowers shippers to seamlessly mix-and-match partners, technologies and solutions into their own unique digital supply chain fingerprint. Redwood connects a wide range of customers to the power of supply chain management, technology and the industry’s brightest minds. For more information, visit

About Cloverly

Cloverly is a technology-based carbon credit marketplace in the Voluntary Carbon Market. Its API enables businesses to programmatically utilize carbon removal credits for their unavoidable emissions and customer-facing solutions. Digital products that use Cloverly help build customer awareness while contributing to climate change mitigation. For more information, visit


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