Prepare Your Parcel Strategy for a Summer of Uncertainty

UPS Teamsters’ negotiations have everyone wondering what this summer will bring in the parcel market. Will packages get to their destinations or are we going to experience a repeat of 1997’s UPS strike? UPS says, “no way,” but as talks begin in mid-April 2023, what is the best way to manage your shipping in this uncertain environment?

Meanwhile, FedEx announced a reorganization, it’s largest in 60 years, that will combine the Express and Ground units, a move they say could slash $6 billion in costs by 2027. The plan is to make FedEx more competitive in both service and cost against its main rival UPS, with hints at using non-employee contractors to move small packages.

And don’t forget, USPS, Amazon, regional carriers, and last-mile players continue to fight for more share of the parcel pie.


Get Your No-Cost Parcel Shipping Evaluation

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Whatever happens with the potential UPS strike, FedEx restructuring and competitive jockeying among smaller carriers, let Redwood be your partner to make sure your parcel carrier contracts, rates and accessorials are set up in your favor.