Mobile Technology and the Supply Chain

Devices such as smartphones and other handheld devices are reshaping the business landscape and transforming many current processes and operations. The standard smartphone in your pocket has more computing power than the computers used in the moon landings. Now many forward-thinking businesses are directing this power towards improving the efficiencies of their supply chains. Three areas within the supply chain where mobile technology is becoming increasingly important are at the transportation hub, with the truck drivers, and with the end customer.

We here at LTX believe in keeping our clients informed on the latest trends within the transportation industry. This knowledge can help clients make more informed decisions regarding the supply chain and further improve their bottom lines.

Technology at the Transportation Hub


With the rise of modern technology, it is easier than ever to gather informative data from warehouse and transportation hub operations. Now, the goal is to create a seamless interface where data is scanned, collected, and stored for access immediately by any party within the network. Mobile and handheld technology is crucial in making this goal a reality. Mobile applications, as well as handheld scanners, are instrumental in improving warehousing and hub efficiencies as well as cutting down on processing lead times. These efficiency improvements can oftentimes be the deciding factor between a business becoming a market leader or a market failure.

Truck Drivers and Mobile Technology

Until autonomous vehicles become a reality, truck drivers are going to continue to be a crucial link in the supply chain. As with any human element, error and inefficiencies are highly likely to abound. Mobile technology can better aid employers in tracking their shipments and monitoring their drivers. Truck drivers have a hard-enough job as it is, long hours can lead to sleep deprivation as well as other health concerns. Mobile technology can help drivers manage their hours through clocking-in functions as well as keeping employers informed on their status. This can help eliminate fatigue and by extension the risk of accidents on the road.

Technology and the End Customer


Customers greatly value transparency. They like to know the status of their order at every juncture of its journey to their doorstep. Mobile technology such as sensors or scanners can provide clear updates to customers through track & trace applications. It is essential for any growing business to keep its customers happy and today’s customers have less patience than ever. Businesses who recognize this trend and position themselves to meet this evolving level of demand can poise themselves to seize greater profits and market share.

As technology continues to become faster and smaller, it is essential that businesses stay on the forefront of new development trends. Those who don’t may find themselves left behind in a highly competitive and saturated industry. Businesses should pay special consideration to mobile technology. Mobile technology such as smartphone applications and handheld devices are continuing to gain prominence in all levels of the supply chain, including the transportation hub, the truck drivers, and the end customer.

Shippers should stay updated on the current trends in technology within the supply chain. One way to accomplish this is by partnering with a reputable 3PL. We here at LTX have over 100 years of combined experience within the transportation industry. We have the knowledge you need on the current technological landscape as well as many other topics regarding the supply chain. If you are interested in learning more, contact us today.