How to Navigate the Parcel Market Amid a Potential Strike

The window is closing to make your backup plan prior to the potential UPS Teamster’s strike this summer. The UPS and Teamsters labor contract is set to expire on July 31. The potential for a strike is higher than we’ve seen in 25 years. And FedEx is seizing on the opportunity. They are now stating that shippers must establish a relationship with them prior to March 31 to be in their capacity plan if a UPS strike occurs. Learn more about FedEx’s March 31 deadline.

But it’s important to think beyond the “Big Two.” There are shipping options, though it is important to act soon. Here at Redwood Parcel, we don’t recommend our shippers put all their eggs in one basket. We specialize in developing cost-effective multi-carrier solutions for our customers. FedEx and UPS aren’t the only games in town. Our parcel solutions evaluate all the options including regional and final-mile delivery providers for our customers.


Prepare With a Free Parcel Shipping Evaluation

Whatever happens with a potential parcel carrier strike, carrier rates have increased by over 10 percent in 2023, making now a perfect time to explore parcel mediation.

Reach out for a free evaluation of your parcel shipping with recommendations for cost savings and diversifying risk.