How Dynamic Routing Software Benefits Local Delivery Services

Routing Software

Your customers want their packages to arrive quickly and undamaged. Fulfilling this demand is just a normal part of the business.

Sadly, this part often feels more like a constant struggle than growth for many local businesses. However, all it takes is just a small amount of research and prep work to achieve this goal. Furthermore, there are several ways to go about it.

You could hire more drivers, offer new shipping modes, or even offer expedited services at a premium rate.

Or, you could save all the money it costs to restructure your business, and instead, invest it in dynamic routing software.

Dynamic routing software is used by large companies that regularly transport goods across multiple routes.

However, you don't need to be a multi-billion-dollar corporation in order to use dynamic routing software. 

So, let's dive in and discuss a few of the ways that dynamic routing software can benefit just about any local delivery service.  


What’s the Deal With Dynamic Routing Software? 

Dynamic routing software uses a series of advanced blockchain platforms to do what it does. Combine that with mathematic algorithms and tracking software that help delivery companies achieve faster delivery times by mapping out better, quicker routes.

This type of platform helps businesses of all sizes improve the on-road efficiency of their delivery routes. Additionally, it allows them to better communicate with customers, couriers, suppliers, vendors, or anybody else who's involved in the delivery process.

They are customized with unique tools and functions relevant to specific industries.

For example, a bakery likely has different on-road delivery expectations than an auto parts store. Best of all, it is configured with tools to help a company realize a higher number for their specific metrics. This is, of course, regardless of the industry or benchmarks the company is trying to reach. 

Arguably, the greatest benefit of using this revolutionary software is that it removes the guesswork from route planning and measuring delivery efficiency. Once configured to your individual requirements, it is pretty much just "plug-and-play" from that point forward.

Can we say user-friendly?


How Can Local Delivery Companies Benefit From Dynamic Routing Software? 

If you were to ask 100 local delivery companies about the top 5 metrics that determine or define route efficiency, you will likely get 100 different answers.

However, there are 3 specific areas that all delivery companies struggle with - and dynamic routing software can help combat. 

Reduce Routing Delays   

Most local based businesses deal with delivery delays every day.

Whether it's weather delays, construction, or detours, avoiding these delays is a primary goal for any business.

Dynamic routing software receives updated information from mobile devices, GPS tracking software or equipment, traffic alerts and other points of data. This permits them the flexibility of re-routing delivery drivers on the fly; which can significantly reduce routing delays, preventing profit losses and enhancing the customer's experience.

Improved Delivery Service through Better Communication  

Another powerful resource of dynamic routing software is communication tools.

Updated delivery notifications, a change in the delivery address, or reschedules, dynamic routing software handles it all. When used correctly, this can reduce missed deliveries, improve the overall customer experience, and increase stops per hour.

More importantly - it improves your delivery service without reducing your customer service standards. 

Better Decision Making 

The objective of any software solution is to help business leaders make better decisions. Dynamic routing software also helps manage fuel efficiency, maintenance, and other expenses. These powerful tools allow fleet and operations managers to review data relative to their departments.  


Final Thoughts

You don't need 1,000 trucks on the road every day to benefit from dynamic routing software. Best yet, these software solutions can be customized and upgraded as needed to ensure you are striking a good balance between profitability and customer service.

If you are running a local delivery company and looking to achieve better results, give us a call here at Redwood Logistics. We have the experience, the dedication and a sharp attention to detail to get you up and running in no time!