Here are the 2 Best Practices for Shipping to Mexico

Shipping to Mexico

The spring season always introduces new opportunities for growth and opportunity.

This is also the time of year when shipments from the US bound for Mexico reaches a peak. It is often assumed that shipping to Mexico is a task filled with copious paperwork, frustrating tariffs, and more hassle than it is beneficial. And yes, at times it can indeed feel like an uphill battle.

However, Mexico is a solid and highly-active trade partner for the United States. Furthermore, moving freight in and out of Mexico is a vital component of a large portion of the international supply chain.

As such, international shippers must maintain a system of certain checks and balances. There is paperwork to be handled, pickups scheduled, and permits to get sorted. All of these tasks are unavoidable and help ensure products arrive at the port of destination without delay. To ease into some of these tasks and give you a much better overall shipping experience

In today's blog post, we want to take some time to introduce two of the most basic, yet important best practices for shipping to Mexico.


Gather, Complete, and Retain the Correct Documentation

If you were to ask 100 International shippers what the leading cause of Mexican logistics delays is, you will likely find the majority agree that paperwork or documentation errors are to blame.

The United States and Mexican Customs departments work in conjunction to improve the efficiency of shipments between the two countries. In order to expedite these shipping routes, a series of customs declaration paperwork is allocated to all shippers, carriers, and recipients involved.

All parties must properly fill out all permits, contracts and other legal forms before proceeding with shipping.

The issue occurs, when not all of the parties are aware of what needs to be filled out.

Additionally, it is equally as important to learn how to complete this paperwork correctly.

Aside from applications, contracts, and permits, there are other bits of data that must be included. At a minimum, you need to be able to verify addresses, names, and phone numbers of all parties involved. Yes, this includes everyone involved, on both sides.

Lastly, verify with the recipient their expected delivery window. 

By simply planning ahead, shippers can greatly expedite the movement of their commodities across the border.


Pay Attention to Packaging

Did you know that the country of Mexico is separated into 31 individual states?  Customs agents, as well as each of the Mexican states,  have unique procedures for inspecting freight entering their territories. These procedures, more often than not, center on the type of goods being imported. Agents tasked with this job are in no real rush and generally, do not cut any corners or overlook things. 

When a customs agent needs to physically see what is in your freight, it would make their job go so much smoother if there is easy access for such an event. Not to mention, it gets your goods across the border quicker.

Minor things such as wrapping freight in transparent shrink wrap can significantly reduce delivery downtime. Furthermore, securing the appropriate documentation to each pallet (in both English and Spanish) helps to serve the same goal.


Final Thoughts

International shipping may seem like this big scary beast, a behemoth of the shipping industry at times. But the truth is, as long as you research the procedures involved, it isn't much different than most other shipping processes.

To accomplish all these best practices for shipping to Mexico, it might also be beneficial to reach out to a reputable third-party logistics company, first. A knowledgeable 3PL who has years of experience importing and exporting goods to and from Mexico can walk you through the process without you breaking a sweat.

A well-rounded 3PL like Redwood Logistics helps shippers every day to stay on top of all that international shipping paperwork, constantly changing procedures and packaging requirements. At Redwood, we have a highly experienced team ready to help you move your products across the border. 

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