Freight Management Systems - Why a Small to Mid-Size Shipper Should Utilize One

Freight Management SoftwareToday – information and the methods on how a company gathers it makes all the difference. This is especially true with freight management systems and the way they help small to midsized shippers improve efficiency across multiple platforms. Freight Management Software solutions or FMS is a robust management software solution that is typically cloud-based – meaning it is accessible from any location with a Wi-Fi or mobile phone connection. They offer multiple benefits and features that can benefit small to medium-sized shippers – so let’s take a look at a few of the most important benefits they offer.

How Does Freight Management Software Work?

In the business world, whether you are a manufacturer or retailer, happy customers that receive on-time delivery of the goods they order is a critical key to success and continued growth. This is where using freight management software is a smart idea for any sized shipper. A freight management system offers multiple benefits for any shipper including:

Improving customer relationships. A freight management system allows a shipper to closely monitor shipping times, plan shipments to customers, find lower shipping costs and ensure shipments are received on time – and in optimal condition.
Helps to manage inventory: FMS solutions provide enhanced insight into customer demand, receiving and shipping lead times, so you can keep track of accurate inventory levels.
Provides better insights into costs: Today’s modern FMS provides detailed reports and insights that help you find the best shipping costs at the same level of service you need to satisfy customer demand.

Since most modern FMS solutions are cloud-based, they can be accessed from any mobile or desktop device, and from any location. This feature is especially beneficial for the small to midsized shipper who is constantly on the go – either serving customers, building new relationships with future customers and vendors or simply need the flexibility of cloud-based solutions.

Additional Benefits of Using Cloud-Based FMS

Along with the benefits and features of freight management systems we’ve outlined above, cloud-based FMS solutions provide additional benefits for smaller shippers including:

Remote Connectivity: Most software programs are only accessible through a physical computer. A cloud-based FMS solution offers a shipper complete access of the system from any location and at any time. This provides you with the flexibility to manage shipments on the road, at clients or customers locations or even while on vacation.
Reduced Technical Issues: A FMS or TMS that is downloaded to your office or laptop computer will frequently require updates, freeze up or require technical assistance from the software provider. This not only reduces your operational efficiency, but also causes headaches, and can be expensive. A cloud-based FMS is managed by the company providing the software, meaning they take care of issues as they come up – and usually quicker than you’ll notice. For a smaller sized company, this means you don’t need to keep an onsite IT expert – which saves you money.
Saves Money: Cloud-based software solutions are managed off-site – meaning you don’t need to worry about constant upgrades of hardware or software in order to utilize them. Plus, they are often billed on a monthly basis – and quite affordable.
They are Scalable: A cloud-based FMS is based on the traditional CRM or customer relationship management platform – which is a scalable system that can be configured based on your individual needs, budget, and users. This is an exceptional feature for the small to medium sized shipper – as it gives you the flexibility to develop it as you need.
Increased Security and Data Collection: Cloud-based solutions are incredibly secure. This means you don’t have to worry about having files corrupted, stolen, or having to invest in expensive online security software for your computers in order to protect your proprietary data.

If your business is looking for more efficient ways to collect data, streamline your shipping programs, provide better customer service, and track shipments from point of origin to destination, using a freight management software solution is a smart idea.