Finding the right supply chain technology partner

In the
digital age of the supply chain, shippers almost always have room to improve –
whether it’s by adopting new technologies, improving connectivity among their
current system, or engaging in small, incremental steps toward bringing their
program into the 21st century.

want the technology, connectivity and systems to automate and drive
efficiencies in their supply chain and, fortunately, service providers exist to
cover each of these gaps. With that plethora of options, however, comes a world
of obstacles.

exists in part to overcome these obstacles. As a full-service third-party
logistics provider that offers flexible, custom solutions for each customer we
work with, Redwood works to simplify the competitive landscape of general consultants,
SaaS providers, and integration platforms by housing it all under one roof.

  General Consultants Logistics Integrators 3PLs Value Added Networks (VANs) Redwood Logistics
Core Competencies   x x   x
Logistics   x   x x
TMS Agnostic   x   x x
B2B Connectivity x x x x x
A2A Orchestration x       x
Automation & Workflow x x x   x
Data Services x x x   x
Project Management x x     x
Integrate 3rd Party Apps x       x
SaaS Platform         x
Innovation Partner x     x x

consultants can provide the roadmap, but then shippers need to work with
multiple different providers to execute. Logistics integrators stand up the
solutions and integrations, but have difficulty handling A2A orchestration, and
they struggle with integrating third-party applications.

Networks are innovation partners, but little more, integration platforms don’t
have logistics, data services, or strong project management, and 3PLs can
deliver the technology, but often with strings attached in the form of required
freight management agreements.

So what does
this all mean for shippers? It comes down to finding the right partner that can
do a little – or a lot – of everything.

expertise across the transportation technology ecosystem truly makes it a
unique in its space. We’ve built our team so we understand the platform we
implement and integrate well enough to teach, leverage and support shippers
throughout their transportation technology journeys. With our flexible, custom
freight management options, Redwood can tackle an array of challenges that
siloed service providers just can’t touch.

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