Edge Conference 2019 is Right Around the Corner!


CSCMP Edge Conference 2019

It's that time of the year again... Time for the annual Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Edge Conference!

Soon, supply chain professionals from all over the globe will converge, collaborate and mingle at the annual conference. This year the conference will be held from September 15th through the 18th at the Anaheim Convention Center in beautiful Anaheim, California.

This three-day event focuses on 3 primary things. These are education, thought leadership, and the introduction of new technological innovations within the logistics industry.  

Every year, a new location hosts the conference. And this year is no exception! And as the conference quickly approaches, supply chain partners are already signing up and planning their trips.

Are you considering attending Edge Conference 2019? Need a few more reasons why you should?

If so, read on...


What’s on the Agenda for Edge Conference 2019? 

Over the span of three days, this conference will feature hundreds of sessions in addition to 6 keynote speakers who we are very excited to see on stage. Additionally, the Supply Chain Exchange Exhibition will allow attendees to experience the latest in supply chain technologies up close and personal. Those who are planning to attend the conference will enjoy and benefit from workshops, interactive simulations, and round table discussions led by logistics experts from all around the world. 

However, the most attractive feature of the CSCMP Edge Conference is arguably the ability to customize sessions based on knowledge of the topic.

For example, session topics feature 3 knowledge levels: foundational, applied, and strategic. Essentially, the levels correspond to the level of understanding of a topic as opposed to the attendee’s specific position of the company they represent. 


In other words, the higher the level, the more complex and in-depth the subject matter...


  • Foundational-level sessions: Sessions that are designed as a foundational level focus on providing a broad scope of information, awareness, an education of a supply chain-related topic. It introduces a new area of specialty as opposed to simply expanding upon the current knowledge base.
  • Applied knowledge sessions: Those who have a general understanding of specific applications or topics will benefit from the applied knowledge session. Overall, these education sessions provide in-depth strategies that will help the user or attendee better implement more technical solutions.  
  • Strategic sessions: Attendees who have a significant understanding of supply chain operations or specific logistic topic areas including senior-level executives and officers will benefit from the strategic sessions. This is an area that focuses on highly technical and detailed topics of study within supply chain management in operation. 


There are more than 20 different educational tracks with wide-ranging topics. These include the global supply chain, warehousing, integrated supply chain finance, and much more.   


Need a few more reasons to attend the CSCMP Edge Conference in Anaheim?


  • The opportunity to earn 15 continuing education credits. Those who attend all three days will earn 15 CEU's 
  • Explore the Supply Chain Exchange Exhibition to connect with leaders in the industry who can offer solutions
  • Collaborate with supply chain leaders in more than 100 forward-thinking sessions
  • Network with others in the supply chain to create future partnerships


Furthermore, there are yoga and meditation sessions available to help you destress!


About the CSCMP 

The CSCMP Board of Directors is responsible for annual voting on the mission, vision, and goals of CSCMP.

Additionally, coming from the field of SCM, their understanding of the needs of CSCMP members creates a well-built organizational structure. All while keeping the focus on what is best for the supply chain professional and the advancement of their career. 


More specifically, CSCMP exists to:


  • Provide opportunities for supply chain professionals to socialize and build rapport
  • Identify and conduct research that adds to the knowledge base of supply chain theory and practice 
  • Create awareness of the significance of supply chains and their impact on the economy 


If you are interested in attending the CSCMP Conference in Anaheim, California September 15th - 18th, make sure to sign up by visiting the CSCMP website.