Best Sessions at CSCMP Edge Conference 2019

CSCMP Edge Conference

Every year, CSCMP hosts an educational event known as the Edge Conference. The conference focuses on end-to-end supply chain movement and technological integration. The 2019 edition is no exception. (If you want to see what the conference is all about, check out this post)

This year’s CSCMP Edge Conference, which will be held September 15th – 18th in Anaheim, California features more than 100 educational tracks for attendees to take part in. These tracks range from novice to highly experienced in regard to the skill level required for retention. These tracks focus on the latest in tech innovations, challenges, and emerging trends in supply chain and logistics operations. Essentially, they will explore case studies, best practices, and teach new skills through in-depth sessions presented by well-respected keynote speakers.

With only three days – and a plethora of additional opportunities to explore, planning ahead of time is crucial!

To help you decide which sessions you may want to partake in, we have rounded up a few of the must-attend Edge educational sessions! 


C-Level Discussion Forums

For those looking for a broad introduction into the complex world of supply chain management, the C-Level Discussion Forums is worth a look.

These sessions permit attendees to gain insight into the thoughts of senior executives who manage complex supply chains. This is contrasted by input from leading logistics solutions companies such as 3PLs.

During this interactive forum, attendees can share ideas, ask questions, compare experiences, and learn from the highly-interactive sessions.


Emerging Trends

Trends in the logistics space and supply chain are always evolving. But there is a lot of benefit from learning the ever-changing dynamics of today’s global marketplace. This is especially true in the logistics industry where future trends are always impacting standard operations. The Emerging Trends session will discuss the top current and emerging trends in the logistics space.  


Global Supply Chain

The global supply chain is a daily part of business for most of us in logistics. This session will focus on understanding the challenges, risks, and opportunities that exist with global supply chain management. It will address supply and market perspectives, understanding regulatory and tariff concerns, trade compliance, and much more.

If you do any international shipping, this session is for you! 


Government Regulations

One area that is a hot topic in the logistics space these days is the growing regulatory impact on supply chain operations. Having a complete understanding of what’s coming and adapting better than your competitors can be an enormous advantage. Especially, in a time when significant differentiators are increasingly harder to come by.

Overall, this track is intended to help identify those potential regulatory pitfalls. More importantly, this session will teach you how to adjust your regulatory strategy accordingly and explore the potential future of regulatory actions.


Manufacturing and Service Operations

The service and manufacturing operations sessions discuss how the supply chain enhances the customer experience. It will review the opportunities, challenges, and risks associated with bringing manufacturing closer to the end customer. 

Overall, this session is geared toward teaching manufacturers how to leverage best practices to achieve optimal success in the manufacturing sector.


Order Fulfillment and Customer Service

The name of the game in today’s supply chain operations is customer service. Developing a robust order fulfillment process is the best way to provide consumers with quick and efficient delivery of their commodities.

These sessions discuss the rapidly evolving landscape of fulfillment and service methodologies. In order to efficiently expand markets and provide services tailored to address consumer preferences, your fulfillment and service commitments must be a priority.

This is a good track to attend, especially if learning about the evolving role of technology and how it impacts customer service and order fulfillment. It will also provide innovative strategies for maximizing efficiency in distribution relationships including creative solutions for last-mile deliveries and white-glove services.


Risk Management

Reducing the potential of mistakes is always at the forefront of effective supply chain management. The risk management track is intended for talking shop with regard to the strategic steps to identify, assess and mitigate the risk in your end-to-end supply chain. This track will help to identify the types of risk, financial impacts, and strategies for minimizing disruption.

Edge tracks and sessions feature content developed by actual members and supply chain professionals. The Track Chairs have a task to deliver up to six total sessions per track. These sessions are not only of interest to their peers, but to create a dialogue that encourages insights, energy, and passion to ultimately drive awareness and innovation across your organization. 

For a complete listing of tracks at CSCMP Edge Conference – please visit the EDGE 2019 website.