Back to School with Redwood


This week, three Redwood executives are visiting the University of Tennessee in Knoxville to share their knowledge and firsthand experience with students in the Haslam College of BusinessDepartment of Supply Chain Management. The Redwood team will serve as guest lecturers in “Supply Chain Information Technology,” a course taught by Thomas Deakins, a Lecturer and Director of the Global Supply Chain Institute (GSCI). 

“At both Haslam College of Business and the GSCI, we prepare students for the professional world by combining theoretical concepts with real-world lessons from industry leaders like Redwood Logistics,” says Deakins. “The Redwood executives have all ‘been there, done that’ when it comes to leveraging advanced technology to drive best-in-class logistics performance. Our students have a lot to learn from them.” 

The Redwood lectures will provide an overview of key topics like the role of transportation management system (TMS) solutions, the importance of technology integration and the use of data platforms. They will feature case studies that illustrate the results achieved by Redwood customers.  

The trip to Knoxville holds special importance for Christopher Vettel, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Redwood. Vettel earned his B.A. degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the University of Tennessee in 2011. “My education at UT has been a big part of my success in the logistics industry over the past 12 years,” notes Vettel. “I’m happy to embody the volunteer spirit by giving back as a visiting speaker.” 

For Director of Customer Success Christy Grezeszak, the trip represents a chance to connect with a new generation of logistics professionals. “When you’re in college, the professional world can seem far away and not really connected to your experience as a student,” she says. “We’re hoping to provide a preview of some of the technology advancements that are happening today and connect those to the lessons students are learning in the classroom.” 

Dan Gordon, Redwood’s Senior Vice President Solutions Engineering, is especially excited about the chance to inspire students. “We’re at a real crossroads in the logistics industry, as we work to bring the concept of the connected digital supply chain to life,” Gordon points out. “There are many challenges, but even more opportunities as we leverage advanced concepts like artificial intelligence and machine learning to move products faster, more efficiently, more cost-effectively and more sustainably.”     

“Logistics professionals have a chance to make a real difference in the world,” agrees Vettel. “As the pandemic demonstrated, we impact people’s lives every day by getting products to where they’re most needed. It really is a great time to work in logistics and want to make that clear to the students we meet this week.”   

Reach out to the Redwood team and let us help you discover ways to improve your supply chain with our Systems Integration solutions.