A Logistics Career is Truly Future-Proof

future proof logistics career

What career path is in a field practically guaranteed to grow, can be applied to almost any industry, will keep you up to date on the latest technology, allow you to work anywhere in the world, grow your people skills, is nearly future-proof and will fill your resume with a list of solid accomplishments?

It may come as a surprise to some that the answer is logistics. To those already in the field, though, it is probably obvious. Logistics penetrates nearly every facet of modern life; the consumer goods and industrial products that we use every day are produced by resources from around the world, then both manufactured and sold globally as well. The logistics industry is what keeps modern economies working, making this one of the most future-proof career choices available.

In this article, we’ll examine exactly why this is so.


Logistics is in high demand

International supply chains and online shopping are here to stay and will only continue to grow. This will inevitably mean more logistics professionals are needed to keep the global economy moving. When trade wars, armed conflicts, pandemics, or recessions stress our interconnected economy, the role of logistics professionals is even more important; we rely on them for many of our most basic resources.

The global economy depends on goods being successfully delivered to their final destinations, making logistics work integral in both the good and difficult times.


Logistics professionals can work anywhere

Logistics work is global. Good logisticians are needed at manufacturing bases, in corporate offices, and with logistics companies all around the world.

Larger corporations with internal logistics departments, and international logistics providers, often have offices around the world. This opens up the possibility of transferring both nationally and internationally without looking for a new job. With a career in logistics, you can move practically anywhere while continuing your professional work and advancing your career.


Careers in logistics build strong relationships

Logisticians work closely with many different clients and service providers. Maintaining good relationships is what allows them to thrive.  This network of personal relationships can open up plenty of new opportunities for supply chain employment, future consulting work, and many other opportunities.

Being able to work with multiple diverse teams is also a great skill to have no matter where the future takes you.


Work in logistics produces tangible results

Proving that your work achieved positive results is not just great for resume building, it’s essential for your own job satisfaction. With a career in logistics, you’ll be given new and varied challenges all of the time. The work cannot be done halfway, when you have goods that need to get from point A to point B in a set time frame, the only viable option is a success.

Since logistics is so vital, you will have a portfolio of times that you’ve “saved the day” with your quick thinking and skills, making you stand out for internal advancement and as an attractive hire for other companies.


Logistics professionals stay up to date with technology

Keeping up with technological change is essential to moving forward along any career path. Unfortunately, as many employees advance within their own field, they lose touch with the latest innovations. In a worst-case scenario, this can lead to a dead end or hitting the glass ceiling in your career.

Today’s complex logistics world is not only a great place to implement technological solutions, it needs them to grow and thrive. Cutting-edge communications, remote team working, tracking, and forecasting technologies are necessary to keep global supply chains running. With a logistics career, you’ll stay up to date with the latest innovations in productivity, communication, and efficiency.


Logistics crosses over into multiple industries

Logistics careers aren’t limited to just the logistics industry; international trade and global supply chains affect nearly every industry. There are logistics professionals working in the government, software and hardware industries, fashion industry, retail, construction, publishing, and industrial design industries just to name a few. Even if your training and experience is in another industry, adding some logistics skills to your toolkit could make you invaluable and open up new possibilities for advancement.



No one knows what the future may hold, either for individuals or for the global economy. But a career in logistics will surely help you prepare for whatever may come, and give you the skills to succeed. Logistics will give you the skills to work in many different industries, practically anywhere around the globe. It will keep you up to date with the latest tech solutions in business, and add a series of successfully completed projects to your resume.

Logistics will sharpen your team working, negotiation, and communications skills. It’ll also give you a network of relationships throughout different industries and around the world. Demand for logistics professionals is high today, and as long as goods have to move from one place to another, it will be high in the future.

Logistics careers are some of the most future-proof jobs you could hope to get. Want to get started working toward your future? Click here to see current job openings available at Redwood Logistics.