Exploring the Technology that Improves Last Mile White Glove Delivery

Last Mile White Glove Technology

Consumers of eCommerce or retail items demand instant notification and quicker delivery of their products. Living proof of this statement is Amazon.com – who continually revolutionizes the concept of last-mile white glove delivery services. While there are several old-school customer service attributes that a company can integrate to provide quicker, more efficient deliveries, the truth is that many of them can be quite expensive – and significantly impact bottom line profits. However, like many other areas of operations, technology may be the key to improving white glove service; without breaking the bank.

In the information below, we’ll outline a few of the common technology solutions that leading eCommerce giants are using to keep their customers updated, reduce shipping costs, and create happy customers that will continually purchase your products.

Item #1 – Crowdsourcing

Outsourcing daily tasks to independent contractors is a growing trend in nearly every industry. Whether it’s hiring professional writers, social media mavens, or connecting with an Uber or Lyft driver to take you around town, crowdsourcing is becoming a major contributor to daily life. Several crowdsourcing apps like Postmates, Amazon Flex, Deliv, and UberRUSH have given shippers an exceptional source for quick, efficient, and affordable white glove service. A crowdsourcing app is designed to alert independent drivers who are pre-qualified, background checked, and operate independently when nearby deliveries are available. Companies have the ability to choose who they work with to provide white glove service when they set up these apps – allowing them to ensure that anyone who delivers on your behalf will do so professionally.

Item #2 – Blockchain Technology

Communication between supply chain partners is a vital component of effective last mile white glove delivery service. Blockchain technology (originally created by IBM) allows the supply chain partners to better interact with one another. Blockchain solutions also gives customers more accurate estimations of their package’s arrival. When a customer orders product online, they typically set up a user account, which includes their contact information, address, and other personal details. Shippers who utilize blockchain technology solutions have the ability to automatically send updates to their customers via the communication platform of choice. Since customers demand on-time delivery, accurate ETA’s, and updates on any delays – the utilization of blockchain solutions can significantly improve last mile logistics.

Item #3 – Warehouse Solutions

Reducing the shipping distance from point of origin to destination is the best way to reduce shipping time. Setting up strategically-located warehousing solutions hosted by third-party logistics companies gives shippers the upper hand for improved last mile deliveries. 3PL’s are able to utilize advanced inventory control, order picking and packaging equipment, then set up expedited shipping methods for quicker and cost-effective shipping to the end consumer.

Item #4 – Cloud-Based Network Solutions

Cloud-based solutions and SaaS (software-as-a-service) technologies are used by shippers for several reasons. One of the growing trends with last mile deliveries is to establish a solid network of reliable and affordable local carriers to deliver products to the end-consumer. Many cloud-based TMS or CRM systems can also organize and create shipping profiles based on the consumer location, product ordered, and more. This technology also allows consumers to update shipping profiles on the fly – and usually from their mobile devices. 46% of consumers want to be able to make changes to their delivery after placing an order – such as a different address or available delivery window, integrating network platforms is vital to any shipper.

Like any new software or technology, working with a professional with proven experience with integration is the best way to ensure a smooth transition and optimized success. 

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