The Open Platform for Digital Logistics.

Building an agile supply chain is nearly impossible when you’re trying to control and manage a million things. Systems, shipping partners, applications, processes, all disconnected, all operating independently, all providing no visibility, and all costing you A LOT with little to no ROI.


But with an open platform, everything can be connected, you will be able to design your logistics network as you see fit, scale faster, and realize more dollars from your transformation investments. 


How? Our new Logistics Platform as a Service (LPaaS) approach bridges the gap between your logistics and technology to deliver an open, collaborative, productive, low-risk way to mix and match the right physical and digital solutions that fit your business. 


What is LPaaS?


LPaaS is the binding agent between your logistics and technology. By connecting the two, LPaaS enables you to create a harmonized network between proven physical and digital solutions for superior optionality, control, and profitability. 


With LPaaS, you can finally build logistics YOUR WAY. 


What do you get with LPaaS?


Along with unifying your physical logistics and tech, LPaaS is your all-in-one toolkit to run digital logistics playbooks.
This is plug-and-play logistics, on demand. 




Logistics Ecosystem


Bring your strategic partners, or use ours.


With our open logistics ecosystem, you can leverage any shipper, carrier, or logistics service provider, no matter if we procure it or you, to carry out your transportation strategy.




Digital Logistics


Tap into a suite of digital logistics services
to streamline your business.


Automating your pricing and procurement operations has never been easier. Leverage our all-in-one digital logistics offering to get market-driven pricing, coverage, and workflow automation tools to increase efficiency and buy better in the market. 



3PL Services


No matter the industry, mode, or freight type, you’re covered. 


With LPaaS you get all the reliable assets and third-party freight services. Select from dedicated fleet, brokerage, or managed solutions that best fit your modal or seasonal needs to ship with confidence. 



Enterprise Systems


Connect every facet of your network with one platform.


Our proprietary integration platform as a service (iPaaS), RedwoodConnect, makes possible the previously impossible for you to connect all your systems, applications, and trading partners seamlessly. Realize faster time to value, unlock and transfer data, and mix and match optimal apps all without IT or added costs. 



Platform Services


Have implementation needs?
Give your IT team a little R&R.


Implementing new technology can be costly and time-consuming. Redwood’s LPaaS professional services team does the heavy lifting so you save time, money, and can stay focused on what you do best. 



Open Enterprise Connectivity


Weave systems and processes together with drag and drop functionality. 


From your finance system to your carriers to your TMS, create a unified supply chain with drag and drop ease using superior real-time integrations with our iPaaS platform, RedwoodConnect, with no code or implementation support required.



App & Data Ecosystem


Get instant access to an open marketplace of strategic partners. 


Pick and choose from an extensive network of shippers, carriers, and SaaS providers to construct your ideal logistics strategy that will add value to your business. 


And more…

Companies change for the better using LPaaS.


Top 10 Global Auto Manufacturer


Largest Processor of Fresh-Cut Vegetables


Outdoor Power Equipment Manufacturer


Leader of Mobile Living Solutions

Want to learn more about how LPaaS
can help you WIN in the market?