SmartDock Supply Chain Technology

Take your dock operations to a higher level.

Whether you’re a seasoned scheduler or just realizing your warehouse can no longer operate on a “first come, first serve” basis, Redwood will take your dock operations to a higher level with our SmartDock software.  With SmartDock you get a realtime, flexible and integrated scheduling solution with these great features:

Real-Time Synchronization – maintain a unified scheduling system where everyone has real-time activity updates. Eliminate over-booking, under-booking and general appointment conflicts by

  • Quickly identifying unused time slots, helping you to boost efficiency
  • Directly calculating appointment durations from order contents
  • Getting warned when an appointment exceeds available time slot
  • Easily viewing details for any order or appointment

Multi-Site Management– SmartDock adapts to your warehouse layouts using a flexible implementation model. Even when your warehouse solution has multiple buildings, sites, staging areas and doors, SmartDock allows you to easily switch and manage docks in multiple locations.

Drag and Drop Simplicity– Schedule with ease by dragging orders directly to the calendar. Predefined order durations automatically populate the calendar interface and prevent scheduling overlaps.

Carrier Self-Management– Carriers face countless schedule interrupting scenarios when traveling from A to B. Allowing them to self-request, modify or cancel appointments the minute they’re aware of an issue eliminates hours of time on a phone reworking an entire day’s lineup.

Operational Reports– Flexible built-in reporting tool where users can be granted a read-only, edit or admin access. Reports can be created and exported directly from the application. You also have the ability to schedule a daily extract of the data, which can be integrated with other reporting systems.

Cloud Ready– SmartDock was built to operate in the cloud, all while handling enterprise connectivity and scalability with ease.

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Your Next Generation Freight Management

Our next-generation model specializes in moving freight throughout North America, backed by our vast carrier network, logistics expertise, and industry-leading proprietary technology.

Redwood Supply Chain Solutions uses sophisticated technology, flexible outsourced freight management and deep supply chain expertise to help middle-market companies excel in their competitive landscape.

Simplify your transportation process and improve your service to customers, while reducing your transportation spend to add to your bottom line.

We leverage innovative platforms and the industry’s brightest team to provide next generation technology solutions. That might mean more supply chain control, cost savings, faster or more continuous innovation – or all this and more.

Our asset-based truckload company provides critical capacity solutions to our diverse customer base throughout North America.

Our asset-based warehouse and distribution company specializes in high velocity, value-added supply chain solutions for the complex Southern California and Chicagoland markets.