RedwoodInsight Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse in the cloud at lightning pace.

Real-Time Data Insight Today, Not Tomorrow

When it comes to data – there’s no time like the present. With RedwoodInsight, raising a data warehouse is no longer an endeavor for the brave. The days of coordinating service endpoints, ETL processes, large scale storage and database administration are behind us. RedwoodInsight delivers modern data exploration and meaningful analytics to your enterprise.

Real-Time Data

Businesses rely on data to make informed decisions, but historically that data is already 12-24 hours old before it’s ready for analysis and action. RedwoodInsight is built upon the RedwoodConnect engine which means your data is ready to query in a web-based dashboard seconds after it’s consumed. Not only does your data insight become real-time, your most critical business decisions become actionable.

Query Through Time

RedwoodInsight is ready to handle the massive data sets that your business generates every day. Need to mine the last 5 years of transactional data? RedwoodInsight enables you to transform, load and query gigabytes of data in minutes, not days and weeks.

Connect and Transform

Using the RedwoodConnect engine, integrate your data feed to the cloud where processing power and scale are endless. Transform your large documents in parallel, store in a data lake and be ready for BI consumption at lightning speeds.

Clone Your Immutable Source Data in Minutes

RedwoodConnect maintains your data’s integrity, ensuring that all source data remains in an immutable state. Clone production, generate subsets and mash up different data lakes without the threat of data corruption or loss. From this point on, how you turn data into information is only limited by your imagination.

Clone and Destroy Data Without Worry

Within RedwoodInsight, all source data remains immutable and working sets are simply cloned from source allowing you to share copies of production data without the worry of corruption or failure.

Time to Data Delivery is Unprecedented

RedwoodInsight handles all standard processes involved in the effort to create a data warehouse delivering actionable insight in days vs. months.

Visualize Your Data for Mass Consumption

Generate dashboard views that allow you to interact and discover what was not seen before.

Hard Cost Benefits

  • Unique architecture allows for auto suspend/resume of compute resources, eliminating the need to run 24×7.
  • Development, QA and production environments included at no additional cost.
    • Zero copy cloning allows customers to instantly clone data for development and QA purposes without moving or duplicating any data.
  • Data archiving and redundancy included at no additional cost.
    • Time travel allows customers to recreate a database up to 90 days in the past.
    • Fail Safe Storage automatically archives data for 7 days beyond the time travel period to protect against catastrophic failures.

Soft Cost Benefits

  • RedwoodInsight delivers automated management and administration of the system, eliminating the requirement for a DBA’s management and administration.
  • The unique architecture allows for infinite and independent scalability of compute and storage eliminating the performance and logical impact of resizing.
  • Mitigate risk via 24×7 phone support, available as a licensing option.
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