Best Case Technology on the Dock

When it comes to technology, Simplified Logistics has built one of the most advanced cloud based TMS platforms in the industry. Once your best case practices are “in the box” there is a need to get them “to the dock”. TrueDoc is the interface Simplified Logistics provides when it comes time to actually make a shipment. Whether you choose to integrate with existing systems, or utilize our cloud based platform; TrueDoc acts as front door to access the optimal rates in the Simplified Logistics program.

Simplified customers can easily integrate via a simple call to our technology to get answers populated into existing systems or utilize our cloud based TMS to get the right routing, create paperwork and tender shipments electronically.

Your Systems

To access the best practice rating technology many clients will integrate their current in-house WMS, TMS or Bill of lading systems. This allows each client to select a wide variety of shipping requirements from their current technology and select the best practice rate within the constraints.


TrueDoc is a cloud based transportation management solution provided as part of our platform. This TMS is fully integrated with all of rates, routes, preferences etc. contained within TrueRate. TrueDoc adds additional value via EDI tendering to the carriers and initiates the track and trace capabilities within our service offerings automatically, or in coordination with your existing EDI initiatives.

  • Web-based
  • Integrated Rating and Routing System
  • EDI – Tender, Track, and Trace
  • Documentation
    • Bills of Lading, Pallet labels, etc.
  • Management Reporting
    • Shipment Logs, Manifests, In Transit
  • Integration with your business systems
    • Source (order file) input
    • Output (Rated B/L’s) output
  • Setup, training, and implementation included
    • Customer, Product, and Carrier Rates

Addressing Business Concerns

For years, companies have overlooked the critical nature of the decisions made in the shipping process and their impact on the profitability and work load of different departments within an organization.

  • Are the least cost carriers being used?
  • Does your customer require you to conform to their carrier preferences?
  • Is service or transit time being considered?
  • Do you have the ability to start the tracing and tracking of an order from the shipping process?
  • Does our shipping system calculate projected costs and delivery date and feed those back into our business systems for customer invoicing, billing etc?

TrueDoc Sell Sheets (PDF)

Your Next Generation Freight Management

Our next-generation model specializes in moving freight throughout North America, backed by our vast carrier network, logistics expertise, and industry-leading proprietary technology.

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Simplify your transportation process and improve your service to customers, while reducing your transportation spend to add to your bottom line.

We leverage innovative platforms and the industry’s brightest team to provide next generation technology solutions. That might mean more supply chain control, cost savings, faster or more continuous innovation – or all this and more.

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