Realizing Savings

When was the last time you looked forward to running a carrier bid?

Potential freight savings becomes actual savings through a competitive bid of your transportation. A successful bid initiates an implementation process of new lower rates and the Redwood Logistics operational and technology processes best suited for your environment. Once your needs have aligned with our services sufficiently to warrant a deeper evaluation of a potential relationship, there is typically a 2 stage process we perform together.

Competitive Bidding

Competitive Bidding of Your Transportation Expenses Freight rates can be complicated. Comparing them can be daunting. Getting them and the myriad of rules and exceptions into a decision making tool can at times be viewed as nearly impossible. For the past 30 years our team of experts has been helping corporate America competitively bid their freight expenses, reduce their costs and automate not just rates but the entire transportation contract.

As a starting point we provide a unique base LTL tariff – SLS 5000 a strategic base rate. This tariff is a proprietary, market based, shipper optimized scale of rates that positions you to achieve your process simplification and cost reduction objectives. More details on the tariff here.

Our bid process steps:

  • Create a history file of your past shipments
  • Profile your business and build an electronic bid package
  • Suggest additional carrier bidders in addition to your incumbents and perform bid
  • Present initial results and identify second stage negotiation opportunities
  • Finalize negotiations and determine routing awards with you
  • Calculate run rate cost savings based upon your chosen preferred routings (see Freight Savings Estimate here)
  • Contract and load with your carrier contracts, routes and preferences
  • Continue to implementation process (The next step in onboarding with us)
  • An aggressive fuel surcharge schedule
  • FAK based pricing for all movements
  • Minimal assessorial charges
  • Contract based relationship enabling other specific issues to be addressed


Our team has had successful implementations with more than one hundred clients. We have a proven implementation process to help make it a seamless transition. Each customer is unique and our implementation team works with your team to customize a solution that works best for your organization. We divide the implementation into two parts: Logistics and Accounting. Both areas have very different needs and concerns in an organization, and we assign a specialized team to each area, which is well-versed in that areas needs.


  • Customized reporting
  • Unlimited data capture
  • Customized to the needs of the logistics area
  • Internet based
  • Can be exported to Microsoft Excel
  • Carrier meetings
  • We bring the carriers in to your main shipping facilities to meet with your team
  • Preferred routings
  • We work with you to develop your preferred and customer routings
  • We load the routings into our technology
  • Site visits
  • We train on-site at your main shipping facilities
  • Webex training
  • We utilize this for additional training at smaller facilities and diverse organizations
  • Data collection
    We establish with your team what data to collect and its origin


  • Customized reporting
  • Unlimited data capture
  • Customized to the needs of the accounting area
  • Internet based
  • Can be exported to Microsoft Excel
  • Accruals
  • Establish timing and parameters
  • Mirror your fiscal calendar
  • Account code allocation
  • We handle the account code allocation in a system driven environment
  • Data collection
  • We establish with your team what data to collect and its origin
  • Business rules
  • We work with your team to mirror your rules in our payables process


Interested or have questions? Take the first step by contacting us today!

Your Next Generation Freight Management

Our next-generation model specializes in moving freight throughout North America, backed by our vast carrier network, logistics expertise, and industry-leading proprietary technology.

Redwood Supply Chain Solutions uses sophisticated technology, flexible outsourced freight management and deep supply chain expertise to help middle-market companies excel in their competitive landscape.

Simplify your transportation process and improve your service to customers, while reducing your transportation spend to add to your bottom line.

We leverage innovative platforms and the industry’s brightest team to provide next generation technology solutions. That might mean more supply chain control, cost savings, faster or more continuous innovation – or all this and more.

Our asset-based truckload company provides critical capacity solutions to our diverse customer base throughout North America.

Our asset-based warehouse and distribution company specializes in high velocity, value-added supply chain solutions for the complex Southern California and Chicagoland markets.