Keep your products
and your business moving

High quality facilities

Our facilities our clean, modern, TSA & FDA approved, equipped with loading docks, and can meet the most demanding and unique requirements. Facilities include Carol Stream, IL and El Paso, TX. We can also help you in any market you need through partner providers.

communication and visibility

We know visibility and accuracy are essential to managing your business. That’s why we continually invest in our state of the art warehouse management system (WMS), so you always have real-time inventory and order status.

Responsiveness and flexibility

We understand that disruption is present in all supply chains. Our business model is designed to be responsive and flexible. We excel at supply chain promotional events, temporary overflow, and seasonal distribution needs.

Our Services

Find lower rates, improved services, shorter transit times, and less handling of your freight with pooled freight volumes. Optimize your logistics resources with Redwood’s state-of-the-art shared contract warehousing solutions.

Cross dock
Reduce your warehouse costs, shorten delivery lead times and keep inventory moving with Redwood Logistics’ cross-dock services. Not only do we eliminate storage and labor costs, we’ll give you the flexibility to route your inventory where it is needed, even when shipments are already in transit.

Shared contract warehousing
We maximize your logistics resources with state-of-the-art shared contract warehousing solutions – keeping your logistics strategy flexible, integrated and cost-competitive.

Value added services

  • Reverse logistics
  • Pick and pack
  • Kitting
  • Decontainerization
  • Project logistics


If your shipping volume requires less than truckload (LTL) shipments, lower your costs and boost your efficiency with Redwood Distribution’s consolidation services. By aggregating customer shipments as well as the equipment of contract carriers, we provide unlimited consolidation options for your freight.

We anchor our consolidation services in two of the highest velocity markets in the U.S. - SoCal and Chicagoland.

Pooled distribution

Save money and increase efficiency with Redwood’s pooled distribution services. We specialize in distribution in the SoCal and Midwest markets. Pool distribution reduces transit times, maintains shipment integrity, reduces claim potential due to less handling, allows pulling of orders by ship date versus order date, and allows a significant discount over LTL rates.

Last mile
Our final mile services range from drop-off to appointment-generated white glove deliveries. No requirements is too great and we understand – and can meet – our customers’ special needs.

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Your Next Generation Freight Management

Our next-generation model specializes in moving freight throughout North America, backed by our vast carrier network, logistics expertise, and industry-leading proprietary technology.

Redwood Supply Chain Solutions uses sophisticated technology, flexible outsourced freight management and deep supply chain expertise to help middle-market companies excel in their competitive landscape.

Simplify your transportation process and improve your service to customers, while reducing your transportation spend to add to your bottom line.

We leverage innovative platforms and the industry’s brightest team to provide next generation technology solutions. That might mean more supply chain control, cost savings, faster or more continuous innovation – or all this and more.

Our asset-based truckload company provides critical capacity solutions to our diverse customer base throughout North America.

Our asset-based warehouse and distribution company specializes in high velocity, value-added supply chain solutions for the complex Southern California and Chicagoland markets.