Siffron Case Study: Displaying A New Focus on Freight Management


Founded in 2017, Siffron is a leading retail merchandising fixtures and custom displays solution provider headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio.

With several locations spanning throughout the United States and China, and over 6,000 stock display and fixture solutions, Siffron’s timely execution is of the highest priority and competitive advantage with their customers.

The Challenge

Siffron’s logistics leadership team decided to address several freight management issues through an open LTL bid. The goal was to find a better alternative to the current 3PL and national carrier providers that have been underperforming with unsatisfactory transit times and constantly increasing costs. Mismanagement of freight, missing bills, and poor project management were among the issues the client was looking to correct.

During this process, Siffron’s incumbent refused to extend their agreement creating a narrow window to stand up a logistics solution.

The Solution

The Redwood team was putting in place a plan to deliver increased service levels and a more reliable carrier base, along with lower costs across the network. Redwood’s expedited implementation of two national carriers in just twenty days was completed with no additional costs to the client.

Siffron’s data management was transitioned to Redwood, taking the burden off of their internal team and allowing them to focus on their day-to-day business.

The Results

As a result, Siffron experienced improved service and lower costs across the board. Fuel, accessorial, and overall savings are down around 5% with the interim solution, with even larger savings in the forecast ahead. Siffron has become more agile and now has the ability to pivot from carrier to carrier based on performance and price.

“No matter how good you think you are at selecting a carrier and managing and optimizing that solution, you’ll never be as good as Redwood.”

Craig Holet – Senior Logistics Manager at Siffron

Since the initial launch of this project, Redwood and Siffron have been expanding the partnerships to other areas of Siffron’s business.

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