Better Carrier Bidding, Better LTL Results

Take hold of the tools you need to upgrade your entire bidding process. We take a personalized approach to studying your freight, company, and needs. Then we implement efficient processes that generate savings you’ll notice.

Make the Difficult Manageable

With so many rules and exceptions, competitive bidding and its related expenses feel completely intimidating. We’ll guide you through those rules, then launch a better bidding process by:

  • Determining data collection and origin
  • Examining your process to pinpoint complications
  • Providing a proprietary base LTL tariff that’s market-based and shipper-optimized
  • Creating reliable decision-making tools from raw, complicated data
  • Building a process and managing the process with or for you

Setting You Up for Long-Term Success

Once you’re ready to begin bidding successfully, Redwood implements custom new rates and processes best suited for your business.

A Snapshot of Our Process:

  • Review shipment history and develop e-bid package
  • Negotiate rates, determine routing awards, calculate run-rate savings
  • Contract and load with your carrier contracts, routes, and preferences
  • Manage the onboarding process with each carrier to ensure performance

No Hassle Implementations

Some clients fear a lengthy implementation process or worry about the platforms they already have in place. We’ve managed dozens of successful implementations and easily integrate right into your existing platforms.


  • Internet-based, customized reporting (Excel-friendly)
  • Unlimited data capture
  • Customizable logistics data


  • Data collection, reporting, and accruals
  • Exportable, customizable data
  • Mirrored fiscal calendar and payables process

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