Putting LTL Costs Back on Your Bottom Line

With LTL, savings hide in the gritty details. Our clients drive significant savings and improve continually with the absolute best talent and tech in the business.

LTL Savings Solutions

Refine your LTL buying and shipping and maximize savings. Our solutions are so effective, they pay for themselves. Clients recover Redwood’s costs from the savings we generate for them. A better solution with lower costs? It’s hard to top that.

Freight Audit & Payment

Free yourself from tedious freight audit and payments. Redwood blends right into your accounting system and makes freight payments a breeze from audit to accruals.


Freight Cost Recovery

If you bill your customers for freight, LTL Freight Recovery is perfect for you. We’ll show you how to create cost-saving possibilities that strengthen your position in the market.


Carrier Bidding Overhaul

We dive into carrier bidding like it’s a sport. Redwood helps clients revamp and improve the bidding process, turning imaginary savings into actual savings.


A Proven System for Savings

Through hundreds of LTL cost-saving implementations, we’ve created a proven two-step method for helping you save.


Nail Down Your Needs

We learn everything we can about you and how transportation functions in your business. We dig into parameters/constraints, then use live-freight data to finish our analysis.



Benchmark Analysis

We review your shipping data set and compare commodity pricing against benchmarks to check your logistics health.


Freight Data

We examine freight history and compare shipments to our LTL logistics tariff, then break down which routes and carriers are suitable for market price. We find the sweet spots in each carrier network to maximize transit, cost, and value. Create sustainable savings through consolidations, eliminating wasteful miles, and process improvements.


Expand LTL Business Intelligence

Redwood helps managers make better decisions. We give insight into LTL costs by examining shipping locations, vendors, modes, carriers, and frequency. Build better processes for managing LTL or let us manage it for you.

Yield Analysis

  • Support high-level decision making with yield analysis reports
  • Reports auto-generate to show ongoing measurements of realized savings



Tracking & Visibility

  • Interactively see the specific details of each and every shipment
  • Powerful, cloud-based systems help you answer customer questions, audit delivery times, and more

Excel Through Customer Service & Training

Tantalizing tech and data mean nothing without sharp people to help you make the best of it. Between our dedicated reps and customer service, we’ll:

  • Train your team, onsite or online, to ensure continued success
  • Make site visits to meet and work with your teams
  • Facilitate meetings between you and your carriers at your main location

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