A Logistics Process that Fits

We understand that not every business needs the same thing and our model is built to develop tailored solutions for your company.  The result: a flexible freight management solution that’s custom built with you, and for you. 

For as much, or as little as you need, Redwood’s managed services team is here to help. Our flexible freight management model is designed around your business. We customize a solution specific to your requirements, cutting out everything you don’t need along the way.


Ship Quick

  • Portal Access to Blankets and Spot Quotes
  • Quick Setup
  • Freight Pay & Audit
  • LTL Management


Simple Ship

  • Includes Ship Quick Setup, PLUS:
  • Shared LTL Save Model
  • Custom Tariff Creation
  • Benchmarking
  • Basic Reporting
  • Provide Operations or Support


Project Logistics

  • Implementation / Roll Out Heavy
  • TL/LTL/Parcel Management
  • Warehouse Distribution
  • Vendor Management
  • Metric Driven Pricing
  • Carrier Scorecard and Compliance
  • Procurement & Rate Negotiation
  • Custom Reporting & KPI’s


Flexible Freight Management

  • Redwood Executes as Shipper
  • Operations Heavy
  • Typically Integrated with Customer’s ERP
  • Carrier Management & Procurement
  • Fixed & Variable Commercial Models
  • Consolidation and Network Optimization
  • Custom Reporting and KPIs
  • Can include Simple Ship LTL Save
  • Continuous Improvement Process Leadership
  • Account Management Driven

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