Modernizing transportation process and centralizing supply chain activities

One of the world's largest producers of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables for U.S. supermarkets and restaurants, realized a 10-12% savings by centralizing supply chain activities.

Client: Producer of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables


This producer looked to Redwood to modernize its inbound and outbound transportation process and centralize all supply chain activities using our TMS. They also wanted to integrate with their existing ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics. Their faced the following challenges. :

  1. Lack of end-to-end visibility throughout the current supply chain
  2. Significant strain on existing IT resources due to rapid organic growth and numerous acquisitions
  3. Manual processes for load creation, auditing and paying freight bills, tendering freight to carriers, and shipment tracking.
  4. Limited real-time reporting capabilities, such as carrier performance scorecards and lane analysis
  5. No current optimization engine for load consolidation or pooling considerations


The Redwood Supply Chain Solution

Implementation & systems integration excellence

We deployed an integrated and streamlined TMS solution that limited up-front costs and reduced the risks of a lengthy implementation and integration. The integration included multiple independent Dynamics AX environments, making our TMS their first all-inclusive data environment. In addition, we configured custom TMS integrations with their extensive carrier base to facilitate more efficient communications and provide real-time status updates from a single screen.

Optimization & visibility

We provided automated invoice matching and payment with complete on-demand financial reporting that details freight cost – by case and by customer. Our client uses the data captured for strategic network planning. Additionally, they use the lane analysis and carrier scorecard reports during rate negotiations and carrier evaluation. The company’s regional locations have utilized our TMS optimization engine automatically to consolidate LTL shipments to FTL for their outbound shipments, a process that was previously done manually.

Custom workflow & solutions design

Due to the unique operational requirements of all regional facilities, we implemented custom system behavior around facility-specific workflows to tailor the user experience while standardizing the platform. This flexibility allowed our client to deploy the solution across all business units quickly and efficiently while still enabling all functional requirements outlined in the scope.


Our customer has realized an immediate ROI upon initial implementation of the TMS. Our solution helped them enforce business process controls, spend management, trading partner integration and real-time cost and performance information.

  • Our customer realized a 10-12% savings upon implementation of our Phase 1 solution.
  • We enabled a durable savings of over $15.0 MM.

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