Integrating Cost & Savings

Freight Recoveries

Simplified Logistics has built best case practices surrounding LTL Freight Recoveries. This product segment is specifically applicable to our clients who bill their customers for freight. In this scenario, our clients have two options to increase their competitive advantage.

First, the client is able to lower the total cost for their customers, giving their products a more competitive position in the market. Alternatively, many clients choose to add a margin to their customer billed freight through Simplified Logistics’ shipping and handling charge. Some clients do both.

Freight recovery is 100% accretive to your bottom line. There are different approaches to this along a spectrum of – billing nothing – billing actual cost to some customers – to billing margined freight to all customers. Our solutions support either end of the spectrum and combinations between.

TrueRate Recoveries

Depicted below is a manager’s view of a “margined version” of TrueRate. Manager’s view contains both Net (what you are actually paying to carriers) and Net Plus (what you want to invoice your customers for as “shipping and handling”) is shown. Normally, there are two versions of TrueRate for each of our customers user groups:

NET – showing what you actually pay. Typical user: your transportation staff.

NET PLUS – showing what your shipping and handling cost is for a customer. Typical user: Your sales team (or the customer). The “margin” can vary at your discretion but is normally used to bank initial savings from our process for clients that are already invoicing their customers for freight.



Electronic Freight Invoice

The Freight Receivables process creates an electronic freight invoice at the time of a rate inquiry. This allows invoicing to occur immediately which speeds the invoice and receivable cycle.

The foundation for best practice recoveries is laid through the Simplified Logistics TrueRate System. TrueRate technology enhances the receivables process by providing a copy of the freight invoice at the time of a rate inquiry. This allows invoicing to occur at the time of the rate inquiry. In addition, the appropriate documentation is provided to speed the invoice and receivable cycle. The streamlined approach enables our customers to invoice and receive payments in a streamlined, manageable, and standardized process.

Margin Rate System


Invoice to Your Customer

Shipping & Handling Charges

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