Automated Freight Payment

The Simplicity program makes freight payments a snap. Instead of directly paying each and every carrier when they bill, you pay Simplified once per week. In addition, the process to validate each bill is handled for you.

Oddly – you can’t just buy this from us. Nope, not available as a standalone service. Most experienced buyers have told us that our freight payment services are “THE BEST” they have ever experienced. Why? We have virtually no employee turnover because we provide jobs worth keeping is one answer. Another is that “our process” of simplifying freight rates and automating business process via technology and EDI eliminates many points of failure clients typically experience.


  • Customized reporting
  • Unlimited data Capture
  • Customized to the needs of all disciplines
  • Dedicated customer service/operational representative
  • Internet-based
  • Accruals – simple or fancy (period based subsets)
  • Customized cash flow timing and parameters
  • Mirror your fiscal calendar
  • We handle the account code allocation in a system driven environment
  • We establish with your team what data to collect and its origin
  • Business rules
  • We work with your team to mirror your rules in our payables process
  • Fully integrated with TrueRate and TrueDoc to minimize errors
  • Staffed with career professionals

What Makes Our Freight Payment Unique

At Simplified, our business is freight procurement processing and payment, it’s not a service but our business process. Our process positions the freight payables function to be highly automated and accurate while providing actionable best case practices information to manage and reduce your freight costs.

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