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<?php echo $title; ?> Modernizing transportation process and centralizing supply chain activities One of the world's largest producers of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables for U.S. supermarkets and restaurants, realized a 10-12% savings by centralizing supply chain activities.

Client: Producer of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables
<?php echo $title; ?> Driving value across the extended enterprise. Our client is one of the world’s largest suppliers of branded office products with business units in more than 100 countries across its strategic manufacturing and distribution network.

Client: Office Product Supplier
<?php echo $title; ?> Developing a comprehensive platform for visibility and results A market-leader with over 20 manufacturing and distribution centers nationwide, has improved compliance and seen $1.2 million in annualized saving with procurement and optimization efforts.

Client: Industrial wire and cable manufacturer
Integrating Cost & Savings Simplified Logistics has built best case practices surrounding LTL Freight Recoveries. This product segment is specifically applicable to our clients who bill their customers for freight. In this scenario, our clients have two options to increase their competitive advantage. Inbound Freight Management Simplified's process creates best case shipping practices for its clients. Inbound routings can utilize these same best case practices but require coordination with purchasing departments and vendors. Typically the largest percent of transportation savings comes in this area. Cloud-Based Shipping When it comes to technology, Simplified Logistics has built one of the most advanced cloud based TMS platforms in the industry. Benchmarking Redwood Simplified LTL Freight Management understands the needs of C-Level clients and provides access to the data they need to make decisions. For many clients, transportation is a significant cost component for the company. Often times, the C-Level contact does not have the view into transportation to be able to make decisions and hold employees accountable for the spend.

Automated Freight Payment The Simplicity program makes freight payments a snap. Instead of directly paying each and every carrier when they bill, you pay Simplified once per week. In addition, the process to validate each bill is handled for you. Best Case Market Pricing Potential freight savings becomes actual savings through a competitive bid of your transportation. Test Post In Category SCS Test Quantified Pre-Engagement The Simplified Logistics business model is built on transportation savings. The initial stage of engagement begins with a needs analysis to determine parameters and constraints for each unique client.

Your Next Generation Freight Management

Our next-generation model specializes in moving freight throughout North America, backed by our vast carrier network, logistics expertise, and industry-leading proprietary technology.

Redwood Supply Chain Solutions uses sophisticated technology, flexible outsourced freight management and deep supply chain expertise to help middle-market companies excel in their competitive landscape.

Simplify your transportation process and improve your service to customers, while reducing your transportation spend to add to your bottom line.

We leverage innovative platforms and the industry’s brightest team to provide next generation technology solutions. That might mean more supply chain control, cost savings, faster or more continuous innovation – or all this and more.

Our asset-based truckload company provides critical capacity solutions to our diverse customer base throughout North America.

Our asset-based warehouse and distribution company specializes in high velocity, value-added supply chain solutions for the complex Southern California and Chicagoland markets.