Redwood Logistics Hosts Another
Outstanding Cutting Edge Event

On April 13th, Redwood Logistics hosted another Cutting Edge Event.

The Cutting Edge: Extracting Value from Your Supply Chain Systems, a forum for logistics and technology professionals, offered an opportunity for attendees to discuss advancements in supply chain integration efficiency as well as emerging technology trends. The event featured distinguished leaders in logistics and technology including, moderator, Eric Johnson, Research Director and IT editor at American Shipper magazine; and panelists, David Chao, Director of Industry Solutions at MuleSoft; Bob Solomon, Principal of Software Platform Consulting, Inc.; and Jim Mayer, Managing Partner of Opex Academy Consulting.

The event had a full house with over 80 people in attendance. Attendees got an overview of emerging trends and challenges encountered with supply chains and then joined in a participatory discussion in which they had the opportunity to respond electronically on various polling questions posed by the moderator and panelists.

Key takeaways from the audience participation included:

  • 100% of attendees have either implemented a supply chain system in the past year, or intend to implement one within the next year.
  • 90% of attendees rated their need for systems integration, independent of cost or resource availability, as being “fairly important” or urgent.
  • 34% of attendees rated the availability of their IT team to support supply chain projects within the desired timeframe as “infrequently” or “never” available.
  • On a scale of 1-5 stars, 60% of attendees rated the overall success of supply chain technology integration projects as being 3 stars or less.

Additionally, audience members and panelists noted the need for lower costs, increased visibility, better data integrity and further integration of supply chain systems.

Following the moderated forum and audience polling, networking and small group discussion allowed professionals from a wide array of companies and backgrounds to share their supply chain challenges and successes, as well as learn more about evolving technologies and potential applications for their businesses.

Receiving an overwhelmingly positive response, Redwood looks forward to continuing many significant conversations started at the event and hosting additional educational forums in the months to come.

View photos here.

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