Case Studies

Learn how Redwood Logistics has been helping connect our customers to the power of supply chain management, technology and the industry’s brightest minds.

FreightWaves teamed up with Redwood Logistics to survey shippers on how streamlined their logistics systems are (or aren’t) and identify common opportunities for greater integration.


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Learn how Redwood was able to save Flow Control Group over 20% in LTL costs and simplify and quickly integrate its LTL execution platform.


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Redwood’s team worked calmly and professionally with ours, making sure we all understood the new LTL system and fixed problems on the spot. There was no ‘we’ll get back to you in two weeks.’ They had solutions at the ready for a smooth and effective implementation process.

Vice President of Corporate Operations

Read how Redwood was able to optimize distribution costs for a national outdoor equipment manufacturer through a customized transportation management and technology solution.


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From the beginning, Redwood Logistics has been a true partner, dedicated to tailoring their logistics and freight management solutions to fit our specific needs. As a result, we’ve realized measurable costs savings, improved delivery performance and expanded our business.

Vice President of Supply Chain

Learn how Redwood’s custom TMS implementation solution helped Taylor Farms automate and increase visibility and productivity levels across their network leading to significant reductions in costs per pound for products.


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Learn how Redwood helped Taylor Farms increase their freight spend ROI by ten times through custom dock scheduling solutions.


A lot of companies — our competitors … by week three, they’re (just getting) ready to make a decision. We’re going to make a decision today that will enable us to get our product to market quicker than anyone else.

Ron Guzman General Manager, Taylor Logistics & Vice President of Supply Chain & Logistics, Taylor Fresh Foods Inc.

When a medical supplies provider needed dedicated capacity and effective warehousing to meet ever-increasing demands, they called on Redwood to get it done.


Redwood worked with a large-scale produce company to help improve their dock scheduler to better get their product on to trucks and where it needs to go on time.


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