Better Together: Frequently Asked Questions

Which companies fall under Redwood Logistics now?

Both Simplified Logistics and our newly acquired Phoenix office will be known as Redwood Logistics.


When does this change go into effect?

Though the companies have already formally merged, the integration of the companies’ day to day operations is ongoing. While we have made great progress, it will take some time to further refine our business processes. The progress we have made as a team is in no small part due to your efforts and we appreciate the professionalism and hard work of the entire team. Our customers are starting to notice, and we are being rewarded with new and exciting opportunities as a result of these efforts.


Why are the companies being joined now?

We are unifying the strengths of both companies into one powerful force that is capable of building a next-generation full-service third-party logistics provider, which has been our goal from the beginning. Our combined resources and industry knowledge will ultimately help us better serve our customers. Today’s logistics customer expects more from their third-party relationships. They continue to tell us through surveys and purchasing decisions that our changes position us well to thrive in a changing business environment.


Will everything ultimately move to Chicago?

One thing that makes our company unique are the strengths and capabilities that lie in our field offices. We now have 10 offices in 7 states. This allows us to have a broader reach and to invest and be a part of the communities in which we serve. Our intention is to continue to expand this with new offices, new capabilities, and new geographies. Whether you are in Ohio or Arizona or Illinois or any location, you are a critical part of what we are trying to accomplish as a broader organization.


Why are we moving to a consolidated name?

We are consolidating services and resources in an effort to provide unified offerings to our customers and partners. Operating under one name simplifies things for our customers and allows us to encompass all of the different services we provide in a single brand. Simplified Logistics was recognized as an industry leader in third party logistics for LTL. Redwood has a broader reach of capabilities that include multimodal brokerage, warehousing and distribution, third party logistics, and professional services. As we consolidate these, it makes more sense to move toward the broader brand as our unified organization.


Will the Simplified name go away completely?

A key selling advantage for Simplified Logistics’ customer base was the simplicity that the solution offered to its customers. We don’t want to lose this key marketing advantage. As a result, the name will continue to exist under our managed services umbrella as Redwood’s simplified LTL management. This will now be part of a broader managed solution that we can offer our customers as to not limit our solution to LTL. This should expand our addressable market and create opportunities for all employees of the broader organization.


What is Redwood’s value proposition / elevator pitch?

Our value proposition is clear: Redwood Logistics is purpose-built to fully address and solve the problems logistics professionals face. We exist to make our customers great. The recent and successful integration of Redwood and Simplified Logistics enables us to better achieve this goal. Customers of both companies have the benefit of deeper talent, expertise, technology, and broader managed services spanning truckload and LTL transportation, warehousing and distribution.


How are we communicating this change internally?

You will be receiving a series of communications over the next several months that will provide insight into the transition. You’ll hear about our customers’ successes and about our early collaborative achievements. You will also get to know your new colleagues through our Exemplary Employee Profiles feature and learn more about how we are communicating these changes to our customers.

This internal communications plan is designed to provide you with a strong understanding of what Redwood stands for and know the strength of our combined talents. You’ll have a clear picture of our customer first approach and hopefully get to know one another along the way. You can email with any additional questions you may have. We will provide answers to the questions anonymously, as we want you to have a voice and this is your company and your future.


How are we communicating this change to customers?

This effort is already under way. We expect that our customers will be excited about these changes.  Many have expressed through our satisfaction surveys that they have a need for broader service offerings from us. We expect the vast majority of our customers to view this as a very positive investment towards meeting their needs. Not a whole lot is changing in our day to day operations. The biggest changes will be our increased service capabilities, deeper resources and better reach.


How are we communicating this change to carriers?

This effort is already under way. We have a detailed plan to discuss this change with the carriers and vendors that support us today. Our carriers typically ask for more volume and the additional scale provided from this acquisition should help us to deliver this to them. We have strong partnerships with our supplier base and our growth directly improves their growth as well. Our IT investments will make it easier and more cost effective for them to do business with us. We recently held a carrier summit in Chicago to invite and address any questions that they have and to continue our collaborative relationship we have built over the years.


How are we communicating this change to channel partners?

We have already begun the process of communicating with our current and prospective channel partners regarding this change. The early feedback has been very positive and supportive.


How are we communicating this change to the public / press?

We have already issued one press release about the transition and should other announcements be necessary, we will publish additional press releases. If you have any questions, please send them to


Should I update my LinkedIn profile?

Yes, if you have not already done so, please update your LinkedIn profile company to reflect the name Redwood Logistics. Need assistance with LinkedIn? We want every member of your team to feel confident representing the company online. Please contact Jake Powers at for assistance.


Do I get new business cards? What about existing sales collateral I have on hand?

We are developing and distributing new materials and updating existing Redwood Logistics materials to reflect our expanded capabilities. For our customers to fully adopt this change we need to lead by example and embody the new unified brand. If you have a specific need, please contact Jake Powers at for assistance.


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