Redwood Supply Chain Solutions Technology

How we use technology to maximize value for our customers

Our approach to technology is both unique and straightforward. The question we always ask is “How do we use technology to maximize value for our customers?” By remaining focused on our customers’ needs, we built our logistics technology approach on four key  elements:

  1. Provide a best-in-class transportation management system (TMS)
  2. Deploy logistics technology using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model to control IT infrastructure costs
  3. Offer expertise in solution design, system configuration and support, in order to drive continuous improvement as your needs evolve over time
  4. Rely on proprietary integration technology and rapid deployment methodology specifically designed to limit the workload on your internal IT resources and accelerate the “time to value” of your TMS technology initiative

On-Time, Reliable and Powerful Integration Services

Our technology approach enables you to gain control of your transportation quickly and effectively – while minimizing the need for additional demands on your internal IT resources.

The potential of transportation management systems technology is unlocked when our TMS is fully integrated with your ERP and other supply chain execution systems. This is where our integration capabilities set us apart from most software companies and traditional third-party logistics providers. Our integration technology combined with our expertise enables you to realize an ROI with unprecedented speed.

Specific capabilities include:

  • Integration into virtually any ERP, order management or supply chain execution system including major commercially available platforms and internally developed systems
  • Merge and segregate the information flows between multiple different systems – critical for customers who have several legacy systems
  • Converting and transforming data types between integration points
  • Handling virtually any file format including flat files, EDI or XML
  • Supporting any transmission medium including FTP, Web Services, or VAN network
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