Transportation Solutions

Flexibility is at the core of Redwood’s managed transportation solution

Whether you want to outsource most of your logistics operations or just a specific part of the transportation process, we’ll design the right solution to fit your organization’s needs.

With our Flexible Freight Management solution, you’ll benefit from proven expertise, industry-leading technology, and expert support services. We work with you to deliver the optimal blend of services to include:

  • TMS Technology and System Integration
  • Outsourced Shipment Management
  • Capacity Sourcing, Procurement and Rate Negotiation
  • Freight Bill Audit and Payment
  • In-depth analytics

We’ll partner with you to deliver the supply chain support you need, along with access to our expertise, best practices and the full portfolio of Redwood capabilities.

Flexible Freight Management means we can manage the logistics process with younot just for you. You get the flexibility, visibility and control you need along with optimized performance you demand.

We’ll work alongside you and your team, with speed, accuracy and transparency. With our collaborative and continuous improvement methodology, we help you optimize logistics performance and drive down costs while you maintain control of operations and carrier relationships.

We give you options

For many, transportation management is not a core competency, nor should it be. Through Redwood’s Managed Transportation solution, we become your logistics team – freeing your business to focus on what you do best.

Instead of spending time on logistics, you can concentrate on your business, whether it’s launching new product lines or expanding into new markets.

How we get the job done


Automate nearly all aspects of the transportation management lifecycle, from carrier selection and tendering, to exception management, live-tracking and automated settlements.

Actively Manage

Actively Manage the execution of your transportation activity through our Load Control Services.

Procure and Manage

Procure and Manage carrier capacity with you based on your specific needs.


Simplify the financial settlement process by providing rigorous validation, audit, cost center accounting and claims management services.

Monitor and Measure

Monitor and Measure transportation network performance through customized and ad-hoc reporting capabilities.


Partner with you, providing access to our logistics engineering team with expertise in transportation optimization, supply chain network design and process optimization with proven results.

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