The optimal combination of
Savings, Control and Technology
for mid-market companies

What you should expect

We deliver more than procurement efficiencies. We work with you to understand your business, your network, logistics challenges and opportunities.

We engineer data driven, fact based solutions and continuous process improvements to rapidly deliver measurable value - built on a foundation of durable, process-based improvements.

Our solutions are designed to apply the right level of outsourcing to fit your business, your culture, and your operating strategy.

We don’t push “one size fits all” outsourcing when developing a Redwood-managed transportation solution because we recognize the uniqueness of each customer.

With our proven, web based transportation management system (TMS), you realize system benefits faster, gain visibility and improve transportation management productivity.

Our advantage is simple: We deliver powerful SaaS based software, configured by logistics experts and integrated to your internal systems without the usual, heavy burden on your own IT resources.

We leverage deep integration experience and our proprietary integration tools to deliver unmatched TMS time to value. When you “go live” we can provide expert, ongoing training, support and analytical services.

Our flexible freight management approach and Software + Services model keeps us connected with you and your team. We are all about helping you extract more value, faster from the promise of SaaS based TMS technology.

The integrated logistics leader

Our full-service transportation brokerage specializes in moving freight throughout North America, backed by our vast carrier network and industry-leading proprietary technology.

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Our asset-based truckload company provides critical capacity solutions to our diverse customer base throughout North America.

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Our asset-based warehouse and distribution company specializes in high velocity, value-added supply chain solutions for the complex Southern California and Chicagoland markets.

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Redwood Supply Chain Solutions uses sophisticated technology, flexible outsourced freight management and deep supply chain expertise to help middle-market companies excel in their competitive landscape.

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